Robinson camp “Green River” Robinson Shelter is located on a unique location next to the Mrežnica River, with an area of ​​approximately 10000 square meters with a potential for further expansion. River Mrežnica is a jewel of continental Croatia, which is attracting more and more domestic and foreign visitors from year to year, but still kept its wild magic. The camp is located on the left bank of the River Mrežnica, along the “green river” itself, in the central part of the area which engages four beautiful waterfalls stretching for 1.5km of riverbed. Closeness of the cities of Duga Resa and Karlovac, Zagreb, Republic of Slovenia and highway allows fast and safe arrival of guests who want to relax their senses in pristine nature and experience an authentic river adventure. Since our Adriatic Sea is only an hour of easy driving from us, as well as the Croatian national treasure Plitvice Lakes, we can freely say that we are positioned in the very center of “Small Country for a Great Holiday”, Our Beautiful Croatia. The view on the river Mrežnica and its canyon from a gazebo inside the camp, equally in the morning sunrise and the evening sunset, leaves everyone amazed.

The preservation of nature and the environment is something extremely important to the staff of the camp and its guests. The camp has secured parking space and it has fresh water as well as naturally heated hot water. The guests are allowed to use only ecologically acceptable hygiene products.

The unity and synergy of man, land, fire, water and air is the motto of this unique facility for robinson accommodation.

Mrežnica, the beauty that enchants every accidental and deliberate visitor, is a unique gift of nature and a recognizable symbol of the Duga Resa-Karlovac region, the core and soul of its inhabitants identity. Decorated with as many as 93 waterfalls of supernatural beauty and countless smaller ones, coves and hidden bays, it offers plenty of opportunities for active vacation, recreation and adventure. Its extraordinary purity and crystal clearness are perfect for all swimmers and water enthusiasts. The richness of the plant and animal world introduces you to the world of almost primordial wilderness. Bird’s twitter, school of fish, small river duck, look at the romantic couple of swans that, like the ancient sailors, greet you in the passage, refreshing brezze coming out of the nearby forests and the rays of lifegiving Sun will divert your worries, wipe out the stress and energize the mind, soul, spirit and the body.

Here, in the green heart of Our Beautiful Croatia, you can enjoy swimming, rafting, kayaking and canoeing, cycling, walking and hiking in the nearby hills and mountains. You can maybe even meet the forest fairies (vile) whose wild dances are still the common theme of many folk tales. There is a possibility that you will be welcomed by the mythological waterman (vodenjak), the old master of depths. The stories say that the beings of the Croatian mythology disappeared when old forests and streams had disappeared – perhaps here on the magical Mrežnica, in this green-blue paradise they are still living as in the ancient times!

In spacious meadows you can improve the techniques of soccer, volleyball or any other sport, and you can meditate while the Sun fills you with positive energy. When you are hungry, show your culinary skills on our barbecues – a positive, healthy hedonism is what we want to promote.

Competent staff of our camp will be continually at your service and always happy to train you through workshops and practical training in order to master the skills of paddling, rowing and management of various types of river boats and SUP that are used within the facility, especially in fishing skills characteristic for this beautiful region of the green river Mrežnica as well as many other skills for which you express your interest.

Together with its natural beauty, the region of Duga Resa offers you the possibility of exploring of multitude of cultural and historical sights. The ancient watchtowers, old mills, the guardians of some forgotten times, fortifications, wooden bridges and sacral objects will capture the attention of every fan of the Croatian history and acquaint you with the soul of the soil on which you walk.

When we look at all these beauties, we are no longer surprised that the brothers Mirko and Stjepan Seljan, our most famous explorers of the far-off wilderness, are born in nearby Karlovac and they have started their adventures of discovering new worlds and cultures from this magical region.