Happiness in movement

Spacious green meadows invite you to play and to awake the child in you. Play football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, darts, or any other sport. If you are doing martial arts, do a perfect outdoor training or run a few laps as the Sun fills you with positive energy. In the morning, welcome the dawn and remove the negative feelings with meditation. Through the recreational riding you will experience not only the long-lasting excitement but also the unique feeling of a combination of man, noble animals and untouched nature.


Sun and river

The crystal water of the magical Mrežnica and the Sun above you. Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, swimm some more and the lonely falcon on the blue sky will give you his respect. Soft grass and golden rays of life – natural solarium and bronze tan is here.


Adrenaline excitement

At some places wild, at some heavenly quiet, decorated with numerous waterfalls – Mrežnica is the perfect destination for all rafting enthusiasts. By boat, canoe or kayak you will explore its shores and in the evenings meet the deer that came to refresh itself at the source of life. In the camp you can rent and test your knowledge and rowing skills in available boats, canoes, kayaks or SUP (Stand up paddling) boards that provide a unique and unforgettable adventure experience and enjoyment. On their journey around the globe, SUP boards originated from the magical Hawaii and reached the magical Mrežnica. Nature, water and the Sun will turn your senses to the level you have not even dreamed of. In our camp you will also learn the basics of diving and other diving skills.


Adventure on two wheels

If you intend to go on bicycle adventure – you have chosen well. Numerous local roads, forest roads, trails and bicycle routes will give you hours and hours of exploration, wandering and enjoyment in untouched nature and all the sights and beauties you will come across. The surrounding area has seven bicycle trails in the total length of 150 kilometers that are really worth exploring. You will ride in the shadow of old oaks and pine trees that will tell you the stories that have been lost in the chronicles of old times.


Chill in green paradise

Thanks to its purity, Mrežnica is home to innumerable types of freshwater fish and amphibians, making it a favorite destination for fishermen. In particular, pike, trout, european carp and wels catfish stand out and it is not unusual to catch a trophic specimen as well. Of course, Mrežnica and her abundant life must be respected, so it is necessary to obtain appropriate licenses for fishing and you can also buy equipment at several places nearby.


Explore new horizons

Not far from us there is our local mountain Vinica, 321 meters high. It is a favorite destination for hikers and forest wanderers looking for vacation away from civilization. Its slopes are adorned with vivid vineyards that gave it the name (vino = wine), a mountain lodge will give you a safe haven and from its peak you can see mountain Petrova gora with the tomb of famous Croatian medieval king, warlord and freedom fighter Petar Svačić (c. 1093–1097) and the witch mountain – Klek, home of many mythological creatures that exist in Croatian folklore. Take a good look at the horizon and you will see the witches flying above its peak. Our famous Croatian writer Ivana Brlić Mažuranić would have much more to tell you about them.