Type of service                      Rent                                                                           TOTAL

Wooden camping house          2/2 person – Price: 79.65 e + 13% VAT =  90.00 EUR   

Sioux  tent                              2/2 person – Price: 61.95 e + 13% VAT =  70.00 EUR

Tent                                        4 person – Price: 48.67 e +13% VAT =  55.00 EUR 

Tent                                        3 person – Price: 39.82 e + 13% VAT =  45.00 EUR

Tent                                        2 person – Price: 35.4 e + 13% VAT =  40.00 EUR 

Tent                                        1 person – Price: 22.12 e+ 13% VAT =  25.00 EUR 

Discount: 7 nights 3%, 14 nights 10%, groups (rent a minimum of three houses or tents) 3%

Type of service                   Daily ticket                                                         TOTAL

Adults                              per person  Price: 8 e + 25% VAT =              10.00 EUR

Children 5 to 12 years     per person  Price: 5.6 e + 25% VAT =         7.00 EUR 

Admission is free for children up to 5 years old.

 The ticket includes staying in the camp until sunset. 

Tourist tax is paid pef person and day: 
Adults: 1,06 eur, children from 18 to 20 years, 50% of the price. Children up to the age of 12 are exempt from paying residence tax. 
Day care in the camp for children up to 5 years old is free.
Wooden houses are equipped with double beds, comfortable mattresses covered with sheets,blankets, necessary furniture and solar lighting. 
Each house has a terace with a garden table and chairs. 
Houses are provided for two adults and posibly two small chidren. 
The Tents are equipped with comfortable air beds, air pillows and blankets. 
Sioux tents is equipped with two individual wooden beds and two auxiliary beds. 
Inside camp there is drinking water as well as a garden shower with hot water, an ambient grill, a playground for children and adults( a little football, badminton,table tennis,etc).
In the price of an overnight stay in an accommodation facility includes driving by canoe or sup board lasting 60 minutes dor quest who use a minimum of two nights. 
Minimum stay in tha camp on weekends is two nights. 
According to the agreement we organize a campfire. 
Parking space is free and is located inside camp directly next to the zone of wooden houses and tents. 
All camp quests are insured. 

Boat rental for water recreation 

60 minutes:
SUP mega – 6 people/Price: 20,00eur+ 25% VAT Total: 25,00 eur / 188,36KN

SUP X – 2 people/Price: 10,04eur+ 25% VAT Total: 13,00eur /97,95KN

SUP L – 1 person/Price: 8,00eur+ 25% VAT Total: 75,35KN

SUP M – 1 person/Price: 8,00eur+ 25% VAT Total: 75,35KN

CANOE – 2 people/ Price:10,04eur + 25% VAT Total: 13,00eur/97,95KN

For an overnight stays of three or more days we give a discount of 10 percent for the boat rental 

SUP MEGA – Price: 52,00eur+25% VAT Total: 65,00 eur / 489,74KN

SUPER X – Price: 32,00eur + 25%VAT Total: 40,00eur/301,38KN

SUP L – Price:24,00eur+ 25% VAT Total:30,00eur/226,04KN

SUP M- Price:24,00eur+ 25% VAT Total:30,00eur/226,04KN

CANOE: Price:32,00eur + 25%VAT TOTAL: 40,00eur/301,38

Safety vests, associated paddles and waterproff backpacks, are included in the price of renting sup boards and canoes. Intentional and obvious damage to the rented equipment, caused by the user’s carelessness, is compesated by the vessel user. A mutual rental agreement is concluded on the use of the vessel. 

The price list applies from 01.06.2023.