01.06.-30.06. 01.07.-31.08. 01.09.-30.09. 01.09.-30.09. 01.10.-31.10.
  Adults 40,00 HRK 70,00 HRK 40,00 HRK 50,00 HRK 40,00 HRK
 Children 6-12 years 20,00 HRK 35,00 HRK 20,00 HRK 30,00 HRK 20,00 HRK
  Car 15,00 HRK 20,00 HRK 15,00 HRK 40,00 HRK 35,00 HRK
  Motorcycle 10,00 HRK 15.00 HRK 15,00 HRK 50,00 HRK 45,00 HRK
  Tent 45,00 HRK 55,00 HRK 45,00 HRK 40,00 HRK 35,00 HRK

Price list for accommodation in tents at “Green River” Robinson Shelter:

  01.06.-30.06 01.07-31.08. 01.09.-30.09. 01.09.-30.09 01.10.-31.10
  Tent/rent 150,00 HRK 200,00 HRK 150,00 HRK 300,00 HRK 250,00 HRK


The daily ticket includes a stay in the camp from sunrise to sunset, ½ hour of canoeing or SUP, and the use of all other camping potentials.

The night stay for two adults is included in the price of renting our tent. Tents are intended for up to 2 adults and one or two younger children.

The parking space is secured within the camp.

Price per one person includes: 

Private accommodation within the campsite, sanitary facility, grill and picnic area, umbrella (sunshade), drinking water, hot water shower, guest insurance and equipped sports grounds and sports facilities. When accommodating our tent we provide a comfortable air mattress with a cover and a blanket and the appropriate lighting.

Price does not include:

Sojourn tax paid on the spot per person and day 4,00 HRK

children 12-18 years 2,00 HRK
children up to 12 years old do not pay the sojourn tax

Campsite stay for children up to 6 years is free of charge.