Rulebook on house rules of the camp Green river 
I General provisions
This rulebook prescribes the obligations of guest behaviour as well as the manner of using devices and equipment when using accomodation services and staying in the camp. House rules are adopted to protect the interests of all guests in the camp. 
II Check- in and check-out of quests
Article 1.
Only quests vehicles and camping equipment registered with the staff of the facility can be accommodated in the facility. Upom check-in quests are required to hand over the personal documents of all persons who will be staying in the facility to the staff od the facility for their registration in the quest book. Entry to the facility is possible with advance notice to the camp staff every day from 08:00 a.m. till 20:00 p.m. 
Article 2. 
When living the facility, the quest must deregister his stay im the camp. Calculatiom and collection of the services justed during the stay im the camp is done every day from 08:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m. 
Exceptionally due to extraordinary circumstances with prior notification of biling and biling of used services can be 
done outside of the sheduled time. 
Article 3. 
Guest check- out is done every day and any further delay than planned will be counted as one more day of stay. 
III Use of camping space 
Article 4. 
The obligation of all quests is to use the space rationally taking into account the space of your neighbours. Changing the place is allowed in the agreement of the quest and the staff of the camp. 
Article 5. 
Visit inside the camp are allowed only with prior notification to the facility staff and their registration in a special book – Visitor record with the obligation to leave one valid personal document for the inderificafion of the person. 
Such visits are allowed for a maximum of 2(two) hours. In case of longer stay, the full amount of the daily ticket is charged. 
Article 6. 
Daily stays of guests in the camp are charged according to the exiting valid price list.
Article 7. 
At the request of the staff, the quests of the camp are obliged to present an application form a comfirmation of their stay in the camp. 
Article 8.
Setting up other camping equipment, except in exceptional situations, is allowed from 7:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m.
Article 9.
The common area for parking vehicles is within the wider area of the camp. 
IV Use of facilities in the facility
Article 10.
Devices and equipment in the camp area use for the porpuse for witch they are intended. Guests are obliged to treat them in a spirit of good managment. We kindly ask guests to treat the camp’s property as they would their own property. Any damage or loss of the same is charged according to the valid price list for the current season. 
Article 11. 
The use of those devices and things that are not acceptable for this type of camp is prohibited.
V Cleanliness and tidiness in the camp
Article 12.
The guests of the camp are obliged to take care of the cleanliness and tidiness of all the spaces and facilities they use. Each quest is obliged to take care of the hygiene of the premises and facilities he uses. After you departures, the place where you camped must be clean and tidy and thus be ready to accept new guests. After use, leave the sanitary facilities in the condition in which you would like to find them.
Article 13.
Garbage and other waste must be sorted and disposed of in appropriate containers. The managment of the camp takes care of the importance of sorting waste, and specially marked containers have been prepared for this purpose.
VI Environmental protection
Article 14.
The managment of the camp call for the protection of biological diversity in accordance with current EU regulations and environmentally friendly behavior of guests inside the camp in order to preserve the natural environment,trees and river,flora and fauna. Any behaviour and action aimed at devastation of the environment is strictly prohibited. Arbitrarily changing the environment, destroying plants,seedling, trees is not allowed. 
Only organic soaps/shampoos are allowed in the camp.
Article 15.
It is forbidden to leave and throw solid waste in the camp outside of the containters prepared for it. Vehicle washing, more complex vehicle repairs-draining oil, etc. are prohibited in the camp.
VII Public order and peaces in the facility
Article 16.
Guests are obliged to keep the peace in camp. The production and spread of noise that disturbs the peace of other guestsis prohibited. Afternoon peace lasts from 13:00 to 15:00 and it is recommended to respect it. Complete night peace and silence in the camp lasts from 23:00 to 06:00. 
Article 17.
The speed of vehicle movement throught the facility is limited to 10km/h. Pedestrians and cyclists within the camp have the right of way over all other vehicles.
VIII Fire protection
Article 18.
The camp has specially prepared places and facilities concrete grills where griling is allowed. Lighting a fire in an open space is allowed in standardized places prepared for it, with strict adherence to safety and fire protection. In cases of high risk of fire, it is forbidden to light any open fire. It is not allowed to bring flammable substances into the camp area. In the event of a fire, it is the duty of the guests to participate in extingiushing it. If you notice a fire, please start extingiushing it immediately, inform the facility staff and call 193 or 112. 
IX Storage of personal belongings and responsibility for injures in the camp.
Article 19.
For your safety, never leave money and other valuables unattended. We do not take any responsability for the disappearance of such things. Damage to any equipment in the specially rented camping equipment facility must be reported immediatly to the facility staff. The control and inspection of the rented equipment is carried out during the check-out departure of the guests. 
Article 20. 
The facility managment is not responsible for: 
accidents or injures caused by the guests carelessness
disappearance,damage,misappropriation,theft of things devices or equipment
for the consequences caused by the use of public devices in the facility, which the guests uses at his own risk
for injures or other consequences of falls or injuries in the camp
for the consequences on people and things caused by weather conditions or other external causes that could not be influenced
for the consequences caused by the use of faulty camping equipment or devices owned by the guests
for the consequnces and injuries caused by renting equipment (canoes,bicycles,etc.)
Article 21.
Parents or other adults are fully responsible for any damage their minors may cause to people or things inside the facility. Adults are also responsible for the behaviour of minors,especially for disturbing peace and quiet in the camp.
Article 22.
All camp guests who are properly registered and with a paid ticket are insured.
X Pets
Article 23
The camp currently has no requirements for the stay of pets-dogs. Exceptionally, small pets may be allowed to enter. Owners are required to register their pets at the entrence to the facility with a vaccation ceetificate. Dog owners are obliged to keep their dogs on a leash and tied up. The owners are obliged to pick up and clean the defecation made by their pets and put it in a suitable place prepared for it. Dog are not allowed to swim on the beach since this camp does not have a separate beach for quests with peats. The managment of the camp is intensively working on expanding the capacity of the camp and ensuring acceptable conditions for the stay of guests with pets.
XI Other rules
Article 24.
The complaint book is available at the facility’s staff, i.e.a complaint can also be lodged via a for on the facility’s website.
Article 25.
If you have found abandoned,forgotten or lost items, please hand them over to the facility staff as soon as possible.
In the event of an accident inside the camp or on the Mrežnica river, call 112 or inform the camp’s staff.
XII The consequences of not following the rules in the facility
Article 26.
In order to make the stay of all guests as pleasant as possible, the managment of the camp reserves the right to deny the possibility of accommodation and further stay in the camp to those guests who violate and do not comply with the provisions of this Ordinance. In such situation, the guests is obliged to pay compensation for the resulting damage.
For all information, if necessary, contact the staff of the facility as well as the available and published phone numbers. Guests can submit their suggestion for improving our service or complaints orally, in writing(specially marked boxes or e mail).
We thank you for your attention and cooperation and wish you a pleasant stayin our camp Green River Robinson Shelter.